How To get Live Movies on Your Phone, Without Any Charges

Everyone loves netflix. Its kind a better version of YouTube, which is paid. However, there is something new called YouTube Red, that is going to hit the web soon. The main initiative of it is to provide all the users a way to get premium content for a price. But at the same time, there are things like ShowBox and Hotstar, which both are amazing in their both ways.

Showbox is for you if you reside outside India and Hostar is specifically for Indians at least for now. You can watch all your favorite movies, play games and watch TV seriees too. I have watched GoT  via Showbox and I found it really amazing. The one and only issue that IO had to dealt with is the ads. Those annoying popups were fluctuating as hell, but its still worth it, when you getting this all for free.

If you are not a person that can bear the ads, you are not gonna so happy after getting it. Better for you is to get YT red or netflix. So, here is the thing. If you are from India, you can get it from plays ore and in case you are from rest of the planet, you can search and install Showbox for Computer or Mobile phone.

You can watch the video above and get the idea of using it in your Computer. You can easily use it to watch movies and other videos online for free. Go ahead and try to implement all these points that I have shared with you today if you really want to get this application. If you are wondering how hard is it to learn it, let me tell you.

The overall interfaces of both apps are so simple, that even a kid can easily operate it. You can also get used to it within a few minutes of usage. You will have the complete control over that after getting into it.

How to run Periscope on Computer – Windows and MAC

You may have heard of periscope application, which is a very new Video chat program for Android. It allows you to see and talk to you loved ones, no matter where are they in this planet. It obviously, uses your internet data, but worth it. There are many reasons why is it popular world wide and one of them is its easy-to-use interface. One can literally watch people infront of them and talk to them. It is not a new thing, but surprises everyone when comes infront of eyes.

You can say these are the apps that are making us closer to the future and you can easily use them to get the work done. After getting into it, you will see interactive buttons that are really easy to use and anyone can use it in matter of seconds.

I must say that if you are not into such things, you will need to spend a few hours learning it, but its definitely worth it. After you get it on your phone, what you need to do is to look over the chat buttons and operate them according to your needs. So, its always good to use such apps in order to get the full experience of using internet. In this way, you also won’t gonna get bored of the basic customs of the entire thing. So go ahead and get it from Playstore now.

One more thing, if you wnanna use it on your PC, you will need to have an emulator. And by emulator, I mean An Android emulator. Usin it you can do many things.

an emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest) – Wikipedia

An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. In more simple words see this example :

Suppose someone wanna run Linux on Windows, they can use a Linux emulator in order to run Linux things on Windows based Computers.

Why Android Apps and Other Platform Programs have ads ?

Ever wondered why those annoying ads appears whenever you access an app. Most of the apps on the app store have ads in them. The reason of it is still unknown to millions. If you are coming here from Google, then you probably are very curios to know about this. So, lets talk about this only. There are many ways using which you can know this such as this Video.

Thats basically a tutorial on putting ads on apps while making them. By this you can know that they are kept their intentionally, but why ?

You will be glad to know that there is very meaningful and important reason to it. Because of such ads only we are today having a net neutrality. Which means that we don’t have to pay anything than our ISP plans in order to access big services like Facebook.

They get their revenue by monetizing the content they give, which makes the web ad-free. So there are a number of reasons why they do this, Firstly, money is needed for their needs, then their company funds. You may have heard like big companies especially the tech companies worth in billions and even hundreds of billions of dollars. Which is a really high value. They get that much money from such innovative ideas like ads only. Apple worth an staggering 673 billion dollars out of which 220+ is in cash form. If we got out hand on that cash only, we can give an iPhone 6 16 GB to each and every american. Now, you must have got an idea about the entire concept.

What you need to do is to read more and more if you are increasing your knowledge. I’m saying this because knowledge is necessary in each and every part of the society. You will need to have proper knowledge of things if you want to succeed in your life. The best thing to get is that only.

In the upcoming decades, such companies will grow more and more and new innovative revenue ideas like ads will emerge soon.

Why Are there So many Apps for Android ?

Ever wondered about this ? Of course you did ! I mean its a really simple to point out thing and people often think and ask who make all these apps and what are the benefits behind in creating Android apps. So, I have finally decided to make this clear to all who think that there is some specialit behind it. The main reason why you think like that is that you people don’t know the difficulty level of making an app. There are many ways to explain this, but let first figure out how to make sure that you guys can understand it too.

I know you can be pro, but most of the noobs are reading this, I know. You people may have heard about programming. If you did, then you probably are aware of the term that people use coding and stuffs to create softwares. Softwares are something that I believe i dont need to teach you about.

Moving on !

Here is the deal ! You have to learn programming to start making apps yourself and make income out of it. If you are really good at the thing, you can do it right now only. Just go ahead and get the sdk, which stands for software development kit. So, you will need to focus on a few things actually. You have to get the basic info about the whole concept and after that you can step your feets into the world of programming.

If you get inside without any basic knowledge, you will end up messing all things up. That is why I’m telling you to get the basic info first from sites like Wikipedia and other authority places. After that, watch few videos regarding the thing and make your mind up to learn the thing. If you start learning after getting a basic knowledge regarding the topic, you will do much better than you think.